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Family Restaurant

The history of Screamers

The Scarlet and Cream Singers A.K.A. "Screamers" was the University of Nebraska/Lincoln's Show Choir for 35 years.  Bringing joy to families across Nebraska, the country and abroad where they entertain the  American military. The Screamers concept was conceived by Kevin Witcher, a long-time veteran of the music and entertainment industry and former member of the Scarlet and Cream,  to be a tribute to  the iconic show choir.  The Scarlet and Cream Singers was founded in 1973 by it's musical director Ray Miller. Ray, along with Jack Miller(no relation) created the group to be the “ambassadors” for the University Alumni Association. 

Screamers Family Restaurant embodies all that The Scarlet and Cream was and all that it meant to so many, a beacon of joy, hope and light. A place for all to come and feel welcome and respected. A place to learn and grow without scrutiny or judgement.  Taking all that he learned from being mentored by Ray and the opportunities to perform and serve others Kevin has created a special dining experience where great food and exceptional service meet family focused entertainment with something for everyone!

The Scarlet and Cream Singers would go on for the next 35 years performing across the U.S. and abroad before disbanding in 2008. Although Ray Miller had retired from directing the group, he continued to be a mentor until his death in 2012. Scarlet and Cream will honor Ray's legacy and the lives he touched throughout his career by continuing his work of cultivating local talent, giving them a place to learn and grow.

Screamers Dining and Cabaret offers a dining and entertainment experience like no other in Nebraska or the Midwest at large.

Situated in the historic Haymarket district of Lincoln, Nebraska, Screamers Dining and Cabaret offers classic American cuisine while providing live musical performances featuring the restaurant staff comprised of the hottest up-and-coming local talent.

The Details

Live Musical Performances: Screamers Dining and Cabaret features nightly live musical performances provided by the staff, which is made up of Lincoln's finest vocalists. You can expect the environment to be lively, fun and family friendly.

Classic Cuisine: Our menu features a variety of high-quality fare including steaks, burgers, pasta, and seafood. The menu has vegan and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant also features premium local craft beers and wines.

Quality Service: Screamers Dining and Cabaret provides unparalleled customer service with an expert staff trained to exceed all guest's expectations.

Musical Training: Under the tutelage of the management staff, Screamers Dining and Cabaret strives to provide a space for the most talented young artists to learn, grow and cultivate their musical theater talents right here in Lincoln, NE.