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Screamers Dining and Cabaret offers a dining and entertainment experience like no other in Nebraska or the Midwest at large.

Situated in the historic Haymarket district of Lincoln, Nebraska, Screamers Dining and Cabaret will offer classic American cuisine while providing live musical performances featuring the restaurant staff comprised of the hottest up-and-coming local talent.


Step into a different decade every weekday for lunch. 50s Monday, 60s Tuesday, 70s Wednesday, 80s Thursday, 90s Friday, etc. Enjoy a delicious lunch as the talented staff performs the most popular music from the featured era.  The period costumes the staff wears makes you feel as though you have transported back in time.


  • Live Musical Performances: Screamers Dining and Cabaret will feature nightly live musical performances provided by the staff, which will be made up of Lincoln’s finest vocalists.  You can expect the environment to be lively, fun and family friendly.
  • Classic Cuisine: Our menu will feature a variety of high-quality fare including steaks, burgers, pasta, and seafood.  The menu will have vegan and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant will also feature premium local craft beers and wines.
  • Quality Service: Screamers Dining and Cabaret will provide unparalleled customer service with an expert staff trained to exceed all guest’s expectations.
  • Musical Training: Under the tutelage of the management staff, Screamers Dining and Cabaret will strive to provide a space for the most talented young artists to learn, grow and cultivate their musical theater talents right here in Lincoln, NE.